How Does the WIN Work?

Manual data input into a merchandise management system takes 10-20 minutes for every single product. With WIN this can be done in a matter of seconds with only one click.

As a provider of e-commerce solutions for the wine industry, we observe an enormous number of constant media breaks in the transfer of wine product data along the entire value chain. At the same time, the backward manual entering of wine product data takes a lot of time and accompanying error rates should not be underestimated.

This is where the WIN comes into play, creating a common communication and data transfer standard for the whole wine industry that enables fully automatic and digital data transfer along the value chain. The result is networked, “living” and clean data that can be used by everyone in the wine industry.

In order to use the WIN not only as an information tool, but also for the optimization of your own merchandise management, appropriate interfaces are required. This allows you to import the requested wine data from the WIN into your ERP system by just one click.

We have already solved the underlying technical software and database problems: we offer interfaces to all common systems used in the entire wine industry. We developed parts of the necessary software ourselves and maintain exclusive partnerships with other developers.

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