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Wine 4.0 – Combining Tradition and Innovation

Living data. Standardized exchange. Rising revenues.
Thinking the value chain as a network.

The WineInformationNetwork is designed to be a cornerstone of the wine industry’s development towards what is often called “Industry 4.0“. Today, everyone aiming at working effectively and profitably, in the production as well as the trading business, relies on modern and innovative technologies. The WineInformationNetwork is one of these innovative technologies, offering software and data transfer solutions especially designed for the needs of the wine sector.

We see every actor in the wine value chain as an important supplier and developer of wine data. At the same time, every single actor in this network depends on reliable and up-to-date data to optimize trading and raise revenues. At this point, the WIN is a mediator: A network connecting traditional wine production and the modern international world of trade.

Our aim is to provide the wine sector with an information network that is free of charge and freely accessible – to harmonize interorganizational data communication. The WIN data platform enables all actors in the wine sector to use just one data transfer standard. Thereby it eliminates all current and costly media breaks. This way, for the first time in the wine sectors history, we achieve the kind of living data that the modern wine sector needs on its way to become what we call Wine 4.0.

Apart from its core functionality as a network to exchange wine data, the WIN is also designed as a catalyst for innovation within the wine sector. By being a persistent data network for the whole sector, the WIN also serves as sector-specific technology base for further innovations that can hardly be overestimated.

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