WIN for winemakers

You are a winemaker and want to increase the demand for your products? Become a much more attractive trading partner by providing legally compliant data of your products through WIN

Wine merchants need 10 times longer to manage products of non-WIN winemakers. The WIN saves you and your retailers time and money and makes you a much more attractive trading partner.

  • WIN interface to your merchandise management system allows wine product data transfer to your trading partners with just one click
  • No time-consuming telephone calls, faxes or Excel sheets
  • No errors during data input and transmission

Build your own retailer network with WIN

  • Clear and simple representation of your retailer network: In addition to a simple list of your retailers and importers, you can see their geographical distribution on the map. This makes strategic planning easier for you.
  • Retailer search: Find new wine merchants and expand your distribution network.

Increase your presence on online marketplaces today and lay the foundation for your e-commerce strategy with WIN – it’s simple and free of charge.

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For users of EuvinoPRO, almost all necessary data is already in the system and only needs to be released. Activate your WIN module now!

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