Prices for retailers

WIN is free for producers

Small 99€ /mth.* Medium 199€ /mth.* Big 399€ /mth.* Enterprise 799€ /mth.*
Free data entry for suppliers Yes Yes Yes Yes
Invite new suppliers for free Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic data validation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Online administration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gateway (REST_API) No Yes Yes Yes
Information for the LUCID packaging register No Yes Yes Yes
Support Mail-support,
reaction 1 working day
Mon-Fri 10-15
Mon-Fri 10-15
Mon-Fri 10-15
Send product enquiries to suppliers (annually) 500 1500 3000 unlimited
Receive product requests from customers (annually) No No 1500 unlimited

As a producer you will be invited to the WIN by your dealer. You create an account with EuvinoPRO once. As soon as new product requests are available for you, you will receive an email and log in to the WIN. You can always see which dealer has sent you a request and then release the data specifically for this dealer.

This works for all dealers who use the WIN. For you as a producer it is less work: You enter the data once in our system and then share this data. Even better: Use the an API to your ERP system to transfer the product data automatically. Please contact us, we will be happy to help you!

* Prices for annual payment. A surcharge of 10 % will be added for monthly payment. All prices plus the legal value added tax.