WIN – The Wine and Beverages 
Information Network


The WIN is a network that represents the entire value chain of the wine and beverage industry. As a trader you send requests to wineries, cellars, spirits producers or breweries. The WIN distributes the enquiry to the right contacts; these include commercial agencies and importers who prepare the data for your market. The WIN does this for you completely automatically. As a result, you always receive the right data for your company.

Exclusive representation, data refinement and more

You are an exclusive importer and prepare the data of your suppliers for the respective market? Then the WIN is the right system. The agency model allows you to refine and prepare data and to manage the data in the target market exclusively. The WIN automatically forwards requests for these wines to you.

The data is secure

All data in the WIN is located on German servers, so German data protection applies. Furthermore, the WIN is not a data pool with free access to all entered product data. The producers release their product data to individual traders. Only dealers who send a request to winemakers receive the product data. The data control is always with the producer.